About Us


Made with Aloha in Sunny California

All of our products are made start-to-finish in Northern California.  Every ingredient is certified Organic and purchased responsibly from Fair Trade small businesses.  

We are a family owned and operated business focused on providing the top-shelf products at an accessible and affordable price-point.


Our Story

We created out signature CBD products after spending thousands of dollars on products that just didn't work as claimed with ingredients we couldn't even pronounce. 

It was important for us to be transparent with all of the ingredients used in our CBD products and how each product works.  

After years of research and testing, we have created a line of quality, small-batch CBD products that we believe in and personally use daily.


Free Consultation

We understand CBD products are relatively new and there is a lot of mixed, and sometimes wrong, information passed around.  We are happy to chat with you about the benefits of CBD and answer any questions you may have.